Microsoft Windows, the Operating System (OS) of champions

The Computer Operating System (OS) { Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 } Tutorials

Note: Companies don’t usually allow changes to many things on a computer OS. I’ll teach more than they may allow you to actually do, but you can do it to your home system

  • What is an OS
  • How does it interact with the computer (Hardware)
  • New, Open, Save, Print facilities
  • Boot process
  • Desktop
    • Icons
    • Arranging desktop
    • Task Bar
    • Tray
    • Gadgets
  • Start Button (orb)
    • Programs
    • Document
    • Pictures
    • Music
    • Games
    • Computer
    • Control Panel, set mouse properties (settings)
    • Control Panel, Printer setting
    • Help & Support
    • Default Programs
    • Search your computer for files
    • Internet Explorer
    • Log off
    • Shutdown
    • Starting and quitting a program
  • Programs menu off of the start button
    • Accessories
      • Word Pad
      • Notepad
      • Calculator
      • Paint
      • Snipping Tool (win 7)
  • Adding and deleting programs from your computer. (For Home Use only)
  • Task Bar
    • START
    • Quick Launch
    • Task Bar area and task grouping
    • Notification area  (sometimes called the Tray (Clock, etc)
    • Setting up accounts for each person in the household

Working with Windows Tutorial

  • Manipulating a window on the screen
    • Minimize, Restore, Maximize a window
    • Re-size a window manually
    • Drag and drop a window somewhere else on the screen
    • Arranging Open Windows (Managing screen real estate)
      • Cascade Windows
      • Tile Windows horizontally or vertically

Show Desktop by temporarily minimizing ALL Windows at once


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