Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations and Slideshows

Getting started–Excel Window Environment  (Click on picture for a larger view, then click BACK BUTTON or click the previous tab at the top of this browser window to go back to outline).


We are not only going to learn about using PowerPoint we are going to learn how to put together and organize any  presentation whether you use PowerPoint or not.

  • MS Office button  (now FILE again)
  • Quick access toolbar
  • Tab Bar
  • Ribbon (replaces the old menu system)
  • Title Bar
  • Min/Max/restore buttons
  • Document pane
  • Status Bar
  • Document Creation
    • Create a Blank Presentation
    • Create a new Presentation from a template
    • Saving a Presentation as a doc and a template  (HD, Internal server, Cloud server)
    • Saving in older Presentation version formats, incl PDF
    • Inserting a blank page
    • Setting up your slide layout
      • slide Orientation
      • Choose Paper Size
      • Inserting Headers/Footers
      • Inserting slide numbers
      • Insert Date/Time
      • Insert a table
      • Modify a table
      • Working with TEXT
      • Editing your slide
      • Adding objects to your slide (pictures, sound, etc.)
      • Different ways to view slide on screen
      • Output (Printing, etc.)
      • Getting Help
      • Reviewing a slide in a group task assignment
      • HOT KEYS
        • Click Here for Hot Key List
        • Preferences  (For home use, may not be authorized in a work environment)
        • Using PRE-formatted elements???
          • Quick Parts, templates for specific tasks/projects, etc
          • Building your own quick parts
          • Viewing slide
            • Changing slide View
            • Zooming  in/out of slide
            • Zooming slider
            • Viewing Multiple presentations (Slide shows) at the same time
            • Comparing Slide shows side by side
    • Tracking changes
    • Review Pane
    • Inserting comments
    • Reviewing changes and comments
    • Marking a Slide shows as final
  • Getting HELP
    • Print Preview
    • Print
      • Different versions
      • PDFs
  • Email

Snipping tool (Win 7)


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