Intro to Computers

  • What is a computer (Hardware)
  • What is a tower, laptop, notebook, netbook?

  • OS, Apps, Utility, Programming
  • How do you turn it on and off the correct way
    • The keyboard, what are all those extra keys for
    • Some basic typing suggestions
    • What is a mouse, how do you use it?
    • Computer case
    • BIOS, and OS and how the computer boots, (starts up)
    • What is inside the computer that matters to you?
      • CPU
      • HD
      • RAM
      • Video
      • Sound
      • Optical Drive (CD/DVD)
      • Different ports (connectors) on a computer
        • USB
        • HDMI
        • Camera memory cards slots
        • Portable storage devices
          • Flash/Thumb/Jump Drive
          • Camera memory cards
          • Using a mic and headphone with a computer
          • The monitor (Screen)
            • Resolution
            • Colors
            • HD?  720/1080 p/i
            • Buttons   on/off, settings, types of cabling, VGA, DVI, HDMI
            • Web Cam
            • Printer

Posted April 2, 2012 by unitedfacultyconsultants

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