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Q. Can this course be used to satisfy some of my Post Residential Action Plan (PRAP) Requirements?

A. YES!  Also remember this course satisfies the requirements of just about any employer to be hired for a job, AS LONG as you have the skills when you go for the interview. You can review your skills by retaking the course before you go for the interview, at no additional cost.


Q. How do I pay?
A.  Money Order made out to UFC;  or credit/debit card on the form that you received in the mail;   No form?? call 443.492.9439.  You can also fax the credit/debit payment form to our secure FAX line at 443.502.5237 if you’d like.  All payments can be mailed to PO Box 298, Havre de Grace,  MD 21078
Q.  Can you take a Credit/Debit Card over the phone?
A.  Yes, call  443.492.9439
Q.  Does UFC costs more than others?
A.  Unlikely, but if so remember that we also give a full day’s training as part of the program for the students, only.
Q.  My computer is real old, will it run your course.
A.  Probably,  if you have a high speed Internet connection for your computer.   If not, the local library does.
Q.  I have an old small monitor
A.   The web browser you use to watch the videos should scale to the size of your monitor, including laptops.  You can re-size and scroll the window a bit to compensate. See our video on” setting up screen for training.”
Q.  Can I use laptop
A.  Yes and also a NETBOOK, ipad or Android tablet. See answer above
Q. Can I use an iPhone, iPad, Android?
A.  Yes!  Instructions will be in your graduation package.  The phone will be too small to be practical except in reviewing something you’ve already learned on the computer. Splitting the screen  is difficult at best on these devices.  Normally you would use the iPad/tablet/laptop for the video and the main computer, with the App you are trying to learn, for doing the work in the lesson.
Q.  How do I see App and video at the same time?
A.   See the video on this site on “setting up your screen for training,” in the BLOG Menu.
Q.  What if I don’t have MS-Office?
A.  The local library will have it. We’ll have video on-line content on the basics of using Google Docs and Sun’ s Open Office, as alternatives.  If you know how to do the tasks in one you’ll be ok in the other.
Q.  How and when do I register for the program?
A.  You send the form, mailed to you,  back to the address on the form with payment (Money order made out to “UFC’ or fill in the form with Credit/Debit card information).  YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO WILL BE SHREDDED AS SOON AS THE CARD IS APPROVED!   After you pay,  your child will be registered in the program during the classroom segment, if not you can do it online. The student will have instructions on how to register the parents (household) in their graduation package.  The student MUST use their own ID when logging on, in order to get credit towards their PRAP requirements.
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