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Welcome Freestate ChallaNGe Computer Training Program participants (students and parents).

This program meets Post Residential Action Plan (PRAP)  training/education requirements.

We’ve spent many hours taking various pieces from our corporate training programs and redesigning them especially for you.  REMEMBER, this course is designed to prepare you to get a job, or that promotion you’ve been seeking.  These skills can make computing at home or in the mobile world much more enjoyable also.

So let’s get going.  Your first lesson is a video on how to turn on the computer and operate within the Windows operating system (OS) desktop, including basic keyboard and mouse operation. We’ll use a game called solitaire to get comfortable with using a mouse. Then you’ll go in to the Microsoft Office Applications. CLICK the menu above to go to that section, including the ADDITIONAL COURSES SECTION.

The second video lesson will teach you how to open a program, (called an application or App), and a video window on the same screen so you can watch the video in one window and have the application (program) you are using in another window. Both windows will be side by side, like you see below.  For other common questions check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in the BLOG MENU above.  Also see below.         To go back to the main web site, CLICK HERE.


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